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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Why women should wear ties

I’ve always been a tie lover. Ties are great accessories but unfortunately they have been traditionally associated with men's fashion. However, in recent years, women have been embracing this classic accessory and incorporating it into their wardrobes. I actually think women wear them better! ;) This piece add a touch of style to any outfit and I, in particularly, feel sexy and confident when wearing them. Ties also give women the opportunity to express their unique sense of style. We saw them in many important Fashion Runways this past February and I believe they will be taking fashion by storm this upcoming months. I found this beauty that I’m wearing in today’s post at Prada, I can't lie, I found it a little pricey for a tie but I think is really worth it and also it's PRADA guys! :)  Ties can be used in many different ways, giving women the flexibility to adapt to different situations and this one specially will be in my Walk-in foreverrr!!! Ties are definitely a fashion statement. Do you agree? Here are some images. Hope you like them! ;)

Zara beige shirt
Toteme trenchcoat 
Firebird crop jacket
Weekend & Beyond pants
Prada bag, shoes & tie

photo Signature-1.png

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