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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Celebrating Easter in The States!

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Hello my "Walk-ins"
In different places around the globe families gather together to celebrate Easter. So, for this special occasion I visited the Branch Brook Park in New Jersey. A place where we can find the world most famous Cherry Blossom trees. On this day I wore my new baby blue blouse (the trendy color of the season) that contrast well with this beautiful pink trees that flourish in perfect time to adorn this great holiday. Hope you had a Happy Easter you all..! ;)

Hola mis "Walk-ins"
Es tiempo de Pascua y para esta ocasión muchas familias en diferentes lugares del mundo se reúnen para celebrar esta fecha especial. En este día me fui de visita al Parque Branch Brook en Nueva Jersey, donde podemos encontrar los árboles de flores de cerezo mas famosos del mundo. Escogí llevar mi nueva blusa de color azul pastel (el color de la temporada) que contrasta muy bien con los hermosos árboles rosados que florecen justo en esta época adornando el bello paisaje de Primavera. Espero que hayan tenido unas Felices Pascuas..! ;)

Joe Fresh shirt, Vero Moda pants, Forever 21 loafers shoes, Michael Kors bag, Zara hat, Michael Kors watch, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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  1. I used to buy clothes at Joe, but I've not been back since last year after the disaster at the garments' factory in Bangladesh. It is really difficult to find clothes made with social responsibility these days. It would be interesting to know what are your thoughts as a fashion blogger regarding this situation. Regards

    1. Hi Molly,

      I heard about the Dhaka fire in 2012 and since then I've always paid attention not to buy any clothes made in Bangladesh. Unfortunately I didn't know about the collapsed building and the Joe Fresh controversy. I checked my Joe Fresh clothes and they weren't made in Dhaka. I hope this company apply the controls in child harassment, abuse and forced labour, “Fair pay” and health and safety regulations as they say they do. And I believe we as bloggers should help even in small ways to make this world better. You should check my blog on Eco-Social responsible Fashion at:

      Thanks a lot for your comment :) And more posts about this subject are coming soon...


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